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Mary Lynne Dooleys – Peaceful Paws

Holder of Jan Fennell's Foundation & Advanced Certificates in Canine Communication.

1-2-1 consultations in your home; full back-up service.

My lifelong passion for animals led me to begin working with dogs in 1990. Initially, my dogs were fairly well-mannered but had a few behavior issues I could not resolve. I found Jan’s kind, sensible approach so compelling that I traveled to England to study with her personally. There, I learned that force and special equipment were not needed in order to have happy, well-behaved dogs, and I became the first American certified by Jan to consult with people as a dog listener. It is now my privilege to travel the U.S. to provide private consultations, give presentations on Amichien® Bonding to rescue groups and training clubs, and work with shelters to help them rehabilitate dogs. I cannot imagine a more fulfilling occupation than helping people and their dogs enjoy the happy, rewarding and respectful relationship they deserve.

Level: Highly Recommended Associate

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Chicago, Illinois
United States