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Susan Matcham

Holder of Jan Fennell's Foundation and Advanced Certificates in Canine Communication

1-2-1 consultations in your home; full back-up service

Areas covered: Mid/North England and any area where needed.

Skype: Susan Matcham

Facebook page: Canine Consulting.

In 1996 the inspirational Monty Roberts (the man who listens to horses) told me “Don’t let anyone tell you…you must!”

I’ve since had many opportunities to fully appreciate and learn from his words that we need to honour the animals we choose to live with and respect their needs. Learning to work with them instead of butting against them offers both dog and owner a friendship which offers loyalty, trust and takes our relationship with our loved dogs to a level of understanding & cooperation that’s inspiring and respectful for both.

These days I’m dedicated to encouraging not only responsible and practical dog ownership but teaching you that you can have an amazing relationship too.

I’ve been a Jan Fennell Dog Listener for nearly 10 years now and it still wows me after many consultations the powerful tools Jan Fennell’s Amichien Bonding offers my clients. I consider it a privilege to help owners overcome what they thought were insurmountable issues. My clients have become my inspiration and their dogs..they are just a joy.

If I can help the human then I’ve helped the dog and if I can help the dog, then I’ve helped the human.

Level: Highly Recommended Associate

Contact details

York, North Yorkshire
United Kingdom
YO62 6TF