Rescue Dogs

In a series of 30-40 minute conversations, Jan and Tony discuss common issues that many owners regularly experience. In this download, Jan and Tony talk about deciding on whether or not to take on a rescue dog.

Rescue dogs have such a bad press, and it is completely undeserved. Many potential owners feel that if they take on a rescue, it will be damaged goods and come with a whole series of problems that will spoil their relationship with the dog. Of course, some rescue dogs have experienced difficult pasts but it is what happens in the future that will affect how that dog behaves.

The general feeling is that if a puppy is taken on, rather than a rescue, it is a blank canvas with no issues and the future will be rosy. This most certainly is not the case, the majority of the owners that have come to us for help, because of behavioural issues, have had their dogs from puppies.

The dogs in rescue would be only too pleased to be taken in to loving families and would do their very best to make sure they stay there!

Rescue dogs make wonderful companions, in fact Jan and Tony have both taken in rescues and in this recording they discuss the myths about rescue dogs and what anyone should do who is thinking of giving one of these lovely  animals a happy home.