“I just wanted to write this quick message because I couldn’t believe it was you – without a word of a lie Jan’s book the Dog Listener 100% changed my life! I have been involved in rescue more than eight years.

I stumbled across Jan’s book by accident and as I read each page I’m like “yep that’s happening in my yard… oh my goodness that’s why they are doing that!” and so it goes! I purchased all her other books and multiple copies of the dog listener so I could lend it out (I actually don’t think I have a copy anymore because they are all out with people!)

Anyway I have since re-homed over 600 dogs and all but four or five have lived socially with each other.

Again, I can’t tell you how significant Jan’s books were to me and how they have gone on to shape LabraDOG Rescue. I am very clearly able to provide the people adopting our labs the resource and understanding they need to settle their new dog in and that comes directly from Jan! Anyway, can’t thank you enough!” Amanda Scott

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