I’m a late newcomer to your methods having found The Dog Listener in a little bookshop whilst on holiday in Cornwall! I had already worked out that we needed to act more like a pack but wasn’t sure what we needed to do! Your methods are incredible & yet so obvious we should all know them. I read the book cover to cover in two & a half days, I just couldn’t put it down!! The difference in my dogs in just over a week is unbelievable. Having previously been an over protective, barking, boundary running German Shepherd, and a clingy, over affectionate Black Labrador.

They are now calm meeting other dogs, don’t bark every sound, give us space, and generally behave impeccably. I can at last go to the bathroom unaccompanied & today I even cooked with the dogs sitting patiently in the next room. I think I should give every dog owner I know a copy of your book for Christmas!! Thank You!! Cheryl