It was a truly eye opening and mind changing experience to be attending the Foundation Course in Flixborough last week end. I am absolutely thrilled to have been there! It was great to meet you in person and that Tony and Ellie were there to assist you as well as Julie and Mervi. Thank y’all so very much 🙂

I have to tell you that I have started AB at home with our own dog in the way you have recommended. And she responds beautifully. It is great to see the changes in such a short time. This inspires us to continue with AB. Also, I was able to let AB flow a little bit into the puppy class I had last night and it works! As soon as the owner starts behaving in the right AB-kind-of-way the puppies immediately change their behaviour! It is such a great experience! I am really thrilled! I am looking forward to the advanced course next year. Hope to see you soon again and thank you again for your great work and for making the lives of our dogs so much more pleasant! :-))”  Rolf