“What I love most, is that we’re all ‘guilty’ of wanting to love our dogs no end … what I figured after the course is that’s fine …only they definitely need our respect too … and they only get that in abundance when it is showed to us (humans) first, and what I loved most is the course would not have made sense without the accompanying wolf videos first!

Watching them interact, learning what those interactions mean… makes my ‘issues’ with mine not so bad at all … only misunderstood! As I said … I’ve had plenty of “Ding” moments and the gesture eating has already seen a slight change in the posture of my dogs whilst waiting for their food… ever so slight, but I’ve noticed it. and that’s enough ‘proof’ for me!!! And also “learning to speak dog” makes so much sense! We humans are such silly creatures using human speak to communicate with our dogs… and our relationship with our ‘best friend’ has suffered because of it. My only little test was to remain “mute” and use the least amount of words, but rather use my own body language and movement to communicate … and no, I do not howl!!!!! 🙂 But seriously, I cannot thank you and your methods enough, and only wished you did house calls!!!!!” T. Santinon