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New help for "My Pet Warehouse" customers

Posted on 20/08/2014
Filed under: The Dog's View Behavioural Issues

"My Pet Warehouse", the Australian pet supply chain, has a new dog behaviour expert; Tony Knight! Tony will be writing articles to guide and assist their customers and here is the first one! SEPARATION ANXIETY IN DOGS TONY KNIGHT   Hi folks, welcome to this, the first of a regular series of blogs in which I share the easy and calm way to solve all kinds of problem dog behaviour that you may be experiencing. In my years as a Dog Listener, I have travelled the world and met all kinds of dog with all kinds of issues. Perhaps the dog...

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Help Stop Dog Bites On Children

Posted on 31/07/2014
Filed under: Dogs Biting Common Sense

As most of us know, the vast majority of dog bites on humans could be eliminated by employing one simple rule; don’t approach a dog you don’t know! Simple isn’t it? However, one of the most vulnerable groups in our societies aren’t aware of this and as a consequence suffer the most from a lack of knowledge; our children. To help to educate kids at an early age, before anything unfortunate happens, our Approved Dog Listener, Lisa Magna, has published a leaflet that is to be handed out at schools local to her by the teachers there.  Now this is...

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Dogs in Cars

Posted on 25/07/2014
Filed under: Common Sense

The danger of leaving dog in hot cars seems to be a continual problem and we’re sorry this needs saying over and over again but, here in the UK temperatures are soaring and over the last two weeks we've already seen several examples where this advice is being ignored! When us and many others bang on about this subject, we are generally preaching to the converted. However, many dog owners are well aware of the issues with leaving dogs in hot cars but assume it's only when extended periods are involved that it becomes a problem but please remember, it...

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Goodbye Kes

Posted on 19/07/2014
Filed under: Dogs & Other Animals

That's our Kes on the left We recently lost one of best loved dogs. Kes finally succumbed after 14 years of a joyful existence . Kes was one of Tony’s dogs and the oldest of his “pack” and his placid, stoic character will be so sorely missed.  Kes taught Tony so much about the dog's point of view and his loss is devestating for both Tony and Jan. Kes spent a lot of time at JF headquarters (Pond Farm) and was such a wonderful companion to the rest of the crew, his calming influence on the rest of the amichien...

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New Foundation Course Dates

Posted on 16/07/2014

We are happy to anounce two new Jan Fennell Foundation Course dates for 2014.         There will be a Jan Fennell Foundation Course in Denmark over the weekend of 4-5th October which will be hosted by our senior Dog Listener there; Karina Rasmussen. Karina has hosted these events before and is doing a great job in helping us reach a far greater number of Dog Owners in other countries.                  For more details and how to book, click here. The following month we already have our first Advanced Course in...

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