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New Book Available-Debunking Common Dog Myths

Posted on 02/03/2021

A new book on debunking commonly held beliefs about the dog world is now available in-store.

Why the need for this information?

There are so many common misconceptions relating to owning, and working with, dogs that have become accepted as truths, simply because so many people have repeated them to so many others, because they were told years ago by someone else. However, if we examine these myths objectively, we can see how ridiculous some of them are, others are more subtle and have a veneer of plausibility and that can make them a real hinderance to the learning process, for us and our dogs.

I have no idea why some of these ideas ‘stick’ and others do not, but I would like to put the record straight on some of them. There are many myths that are completely harmless and are not really of any concern, but the ones I am looking at are the ones I feel can really get in the way of your developing the best relationship that you can, with your dog. I will not only tell you what ideas are wrong but also why they are wrong. Some of what I say will seem obvious (once I have said it) and other things will make you raise your eyebrows. Good, be cycnical and keep an open mind.

Jan F