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New OnLine Course Dates!

Posted on 08/04/2021
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We have finally given in to demand for our courses to be delivered Via Zoom. After a recent pilot course proved successful, we are now going to offer the “Zoom” alternative for everyone that cannot attend a course at our main office in North Lincolnshire.

The content on these “distance” learning courses is exactly the same as the attendance versions and all of the courses are still hosted by Jan Fennell, the original Dog Listener and creator of Amichien® Bonding. For those that wish to become Dog Listeners themselves, these courses count in exactly the same way as the attendance courses towards that goal.

For anyone who just wants to get the best out of their relationships with their own dog/s then our two day Foundation Course would be perfect for you.

The new “distance learning” course dates are as follows:

Online Foundation Courses

July 3rd and 4th 2021

September 6th and 7th

Online Advanced Courses

June 11th-13th 2021

August 9th-11th 2021

October 11th-13th 2021

More details on these courses can be found Here.

Why the need for this Book?

There are so many common misconceptions relating to owning, and working with, dogs that have become accepted as truths, simply because so many people have repeated them to so many others, because they were told years ago by someone else. However, if we examine these myths objectively, we can see how ridiculous some of them are, others are more subtle and have a veneer of plausibility and that can make them a real hinderance to the learning process, for us and our dogs.


THE DOG LISTENER     The original book, now in it's 21st year of publication, showing Jan's journey towards a kinder, more effective way of working with dogs.