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Foundation Course

My Foundation Course is for everyone that experiences behavioural issues with their dogs but who cannot understand why those issues are happening. I will show you how the world is perceived by your dog and why traditional methods of “Dog Training” just do not make any sense to your dog.

For the last 30 years, have helped thousands of dog owners all over the world achieve peace and harmony in their relationships with their best friends, by dealing with the real causes of canine behavioural issues, not just the symptoms.

My Foundation Course creates a deep understanding of the dog and, once we understand how the dog works, we can then start to shape positive, and desirable, behaviour in our friends. I will share the secrets of getting the dog to want to work for us of its own free will, not just because it has to.

Students on this course will get a fascinating and practical introduction to the world of Dog Listening. They will learn what makes a dog tick, understand exactly why dogs do what they do, and discover precisely how to successfully resolve any canine behavioural problems.

Over the course of the two days, I will give you practical ways of addressing your dog’s confusion.

This course is highly beneficial, not only to those who experience problems with their dogs, but for all dog owners and people who work with dogs. On the completion of the course trainees will receive a certificate, but more importantly, the ability to appreciate 'man’s best friend' in an entirely different light.

The Book entitled "The Dog Listener" by Jan Fennell is not essential but would be recommended reading before booking a course.

To book a place on a Foundation course, simply send us an email inserting 'Foundation Course Booking'  and your choice of dates and we'll send you a booking form with more details by return. mailto:info@janfennellthedoglistener.com

Total Two Day Course price only £495.00 with a deposit of £200.00 payable at time of booking.

I would be delighted to meet you at any of my courses and play a part in assisting you to have the best possible relationship with your dog; something we all desire.

Advanced Course

The Advanced Course follows on from the 2 day Foundation Course and is essential if the delegate wishes to be considered for a career as a Jan Fennell Approved Dog Listener.

The careful design of this course makes it possible for the delegate to progress naturally and with empathy to an in depth understanding of Amichien Bonding and its application with common behavioural problems.

We also look at the difficulties experienced by dog carers, from breaking with old thinking to actually working with their dogs in a confident manner and to achieve this we will also look at human psychology.

Only for those delegates considering a career in Dog Listening there will be a written examination at the end of the course. The exam will be based entirely on the information contained in the recommended reading of ‘The Dog Listener’ (or the watching of the DVD of that title), combined with the information provided in both the two and three day courses.  As our organisation works to a high ‘Quality Control’ system it is essential, for the success of both the organisation and the candidate that we ascertain the level of an individual’s basic understanding of the process ‘Amichien® Bonding’ and exam papers will be marked and scored accordingly.

Success at this stage will result in an invitation from this organisation to take part in the ‘Graduate’ stage of the process of becoming a ‘Jan Fennell International Dog Listener’, which will result in access to the entire Dog Listening Team, which provides all members with on-going support, learning, referrals and a place on the register of JFIDL’s worldwide group.

To book a place on an Advanced Course, simply send us an email inserting 'Advanced Course Booking' into the subject box, and your choice of first and second dates and we'll send you a booking form and further information by return.

Total Three Day Course price only  £749.00 with a deposit of £200 payable at time of booking.

Graduate Course

Jan fennell graduateFor students who wish to start a new career as a Dog Listener, trained and guided by Jan Fennell and the  Amichien®  team.

Graduate Courses are not bookable by the general public and are by invitation only, following success in the Advanced Course exam. There is a charge for the course which is conducted on-line and run by highly trained Dog Listeners. 

Once this course is completed, you will be given a qualification certificate demonstrating that you have been trained by Jan Fennell-to the highest standard- and be able to practice as a Dog Listener, helping other dog owners with their own canine related problems, whatever they may be.

Jan Fennell Online Foundation Course in Amichien Bonding

3rd July 2023 - 4th July 2023

Boston, United Kingdom


Jan Fennell Online Advanced Course in Amichien Bonding

10th July 2023 - 12th July 2023

Boston, United Kingdom

Delivered live from Jan, via Zoom