Whether it is help with dog behaviour, dog obedience, dog training, puppy training, dog rescue, assistance, canine behaviour or canine obedience, if you are seeking harmony in your home, success in competition or training dogs for specific roles, know that you can succeed by adopting the work of the original Dog Listener; Jan Fennell.

All Dog Listeners that appear on this site have been trained to the highest standards by Jan Fennell and her Amichien team personally.


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One of the Main Errors in Traditional Thinking

Whilst we are looking at traditional practices that often do more harm than good, we have to look at one of the main ones: ‘Socialisation’. Incredibly when the obvious difficulties arrive, for many dogs and owners, the advice is usually to do more socialising and this, in turn, creates more problems and the downward spiral begins. With the desperate owner feeling unjustifiably incompetent. The reason is that what has become the accepted meaning of ‘socialising’, is at fault, as the reality for all dogs, as with all social group species (us included) is that socialisation…

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'How do I stop my dog pulling on the lead?'

This has to be the most common question ever asked in respect of problems experienced by dog owners, so when I set out to work with dogs without the use of gadgets, embracement, pressure or failure I first looked at the actual question and the initial flaw is in the negative feeling that this brings, so firstly I invite you to ask 'how do I teach my dog to walk with good manners by my side?' Now the rest becomes so easy, as we can teach our dogs at home, when we can set the time aside, at our and our dog's pace and above all we can make it fun too, with no one yelling at us that 'we're not being…

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