Whether it is help with dog behaviour, dog obedience, dog training, puppy training, dog rescue, assistance, canine behaviour or canine obedience, if you are seeking harmony in your home, success in competition or training dogs for specific roles, know that you can succeed by adopting the work of the original Dog Listener; Jan Fennell.

All Dog Listeners that appear on this site have been trained to the highest standards by Jan Fennell and her Amichien team personally.


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Myth. On a popular TV dog rescue show, I was saddened to see a dog featured that was probably condemned from the outset to never successfully finding a stable and happy home (I hope I’m proven wrong) because of the way it was being represented to potential owners. The sad thing was that the person responsible for probable outcome genuinely wanted to find a loving home for an abandoned dog they obviously deeply cared for.  The problem was that this puppy was describe by the representative from the rescue organisation,  as 'needing an experienced home, as he is very active, needs…

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Dog Breeds and Behaviour

DOG BREEDS AND BEHAVIOUR Following some recent queries, I want to clarify the myth of different breeds when it comes to behaviour, as misunderstanding will always lead to more problems.  Breed does not determine behaviour; rather it is the exaggerated nature of physical breed traits that compound behavioural problems. This can lead to fear of certain breeds, for example the much maligned pit-bull terrier. The truth is that all terriers were initially  bred for their strength of jaw and determination to hang on and, when combined with their powerful build, prove them to be the ideal partner…

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