Whether it is help with dog behaviour, dog obedience, dog training, puppy training, dog rescue, assistance, canine behaviour or canine obedience, if you are seeking harmony in your home, success in competition or training dogs for specific roles, know that you can succeed by adopting the work of the original Dog Listener; Jan Fennell.

All Dog Listeners that appear on this site have been trained to the highest standards by Jan Fennell and her Amichien team.


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I often hear owners say that their dogs are 'jealous' of other members of the family, whether that is other people, other dogs or even, the family cat, when that other being gets too close to the object of what appears to be the dog’s desire. This can sometimes be seen when a dog is on someone's lap and another being comes too close. For our dogs, the drive to stay prominent in the “pack” has its origin based on the instinct to survive, just as it is for humans; the drive to stay closer to someone who can keep them alive or to be a prominent part of the group that offers safety…

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More of Nan Tubb's Adventures in Yellowstone!

We recently printed a copy of a front page of the Tasmanian publication; The Kentish Voice that featured our Dog Listener; Nan Tubb, highlighting her recent trip to Yellowstone National Park. Nan went there with a group of Jan Fennell Dog Listeners on what now seems to have become an annual outing, enabling the group to see canines in their natural environment, free of any human interference. Following on from the last article, here is another page from the same publication where Nan relates her experience of the trip and some of the things she was lucky enough to see during her stay.

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