A Dog Will Test Your Leadership Credentials Many Times Every Day-by Jan Fennell

A Dog Will Test Your Leadership Credentials Many Times Every Day.
As we know, all social living species have to accept that there will be members at the top of the group, while others will be at the bottom, with the majority of the community at different levels somewhere between the two, and just as this applies to us, it is also true for our dogs.

“Are Dogs Suffering From Mental Distress?”-by Jan Fennell

Are Dogs Suffering From Mental Distress?
This was the subject of a BBC Radio 2 feature this month and I am sad to say that certainly, most dogs do spend most of their life with unnecessary stress and anxiety; why would we do this to our best friends?

“Resource Guarding”-by Jan Fennell

The Nonsense of ‘Resource Guarding’.
Just as with all aspects of dog behaviour, there are ‘trainers’ the world over who are making money, based on their own limited understanding of the dog’s world, giving classes and courses, based on specific but irrelevant, individual ‘behavioural problems’.

Is It Time to Stop Blaming Our Dogs For Our Own Mistakes?

If we learn to with a dog’s natural instincts and drives, learn what information and reactions they require from us, we will only succeed in getting the behaviour we want, but first we have to we have to stop blaming them whenever anything goes wrong, or their behaviour is far from what we had hoped.

Challenging Traditional Teaching Theories- For the Sake of Our Dogs

Getting a dog is a considered acquisition and must be given a great deal of thought before going through the process.
Once this decision Is taken, we accept we will give many years investment into building a warm, trusting, and loving relationship between the dog and ourselves.

Beware of “Scientific” Studies – by Jan Fennell

Why do dogs cry when their owners come home?
Researchers in Japan asked this question and went on to test 22 dogs who produced tears when their owners returned home after they had been separated for various lengths of time.
The researchers concluded that the reason dogs become so hysterical is to produce the tears that form a bond with their human companions.
This “study” actually made me laugh out loud as, 22 dogs is nowhere near a large enough sample of the canine world to produce a scientific, accurate and reliable result. The study is also based on the understanding that all dogs are hysterical when their human companions return home; that is simply not the case.

“Studies Have Shown…”

Oct 26, 2023
There are a lot of people out there who use this phrase to lend credibility to their claims (see any cosmetic advertisement).
If you see this phrase, relating to dogs, make sure the author cites these studies, and who conducted them. Chance are you will see that most of them involve watching domestic dogs in a controlled environment, which cannot possibly give a reliable result that will apply to all dogs.